Pete Butler & Jasmine Davis Make Games

This is the home of PBJ Games, featuring designs by Pete Butler and Jasmine Davis. Here’s a handful of the games we’ve worked on (mostly the nicer ones that are ready for the limelight, honestly):

Knight Shift

This fun, lightweight card game is the perfect gateway game or filler game. Players take on the role of squires trying to please Knights, who like some items, and don’t like others. The catch? All the squires are playing items facedown in front of Knights – so you won’t know if your Knight is battle-ready or a drunkard until it’s time to score. Bluff, press your luck and draft your way to the top! Play Knight Shift


The game of mad science and bad business. Players are mad scientists, mixing and matching body parts to create horrifying abominations to send out into the working world! Fill the most contracts and you could win. Play Abomination!

Cool Table

As featured on Tabletop Deathmatch! Print & Play coming soon.


It’s like Werewolf, except One Of You Is A Bear.

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