One Of You Is A Bear Version 2

Jasmine and I have created the latest version of One Of You Is A Bear, and have linked the cards below.

The game now has two modes — simple, and advanced! More types of bear! More types of villager! Exactly the same number of types of cultist!


We’ll get new rules written-up later. Right now, we’re preparing for a night of heavy drinking and (coincidentally!) playtesting the new One Of You Is A Bear. However, if you’d like to freeball it, the game works like the old version except:

  • There are now “Advanced Mode” cards, marked with a brain icon in the upper right corner. They are optional.
  • If you play with Advanced Mode, creating the deck of cards gets slightly trickier. First, create your Villagers sub-deck; determine how many Villagers there are, then add some of the three new “special” Villager cards at random. (How many is “some”? Less than half of the Villager sub-deck should be special Villager cards.) Shuffle them, then begin the draw deck by adding out the appropriate number of Villager cards. Then add one of the three available Bear cards at random. Finally, add the Bear Cultists. Shuffle everything up, deal it out.
  • Experimental: You MAY wish to, before play begins, let the Bear Cultists know who each other is, and who the Bear is. Werewolf players will be familiar with the mechanic: “Everybody, close your eyes, bow your heads, and clap your thighs in unison with me. Now, Bear Cultists, open your eyes and look up. Now, Bear, open your eyes and look up. Now, Bear Cultists and Bear, close your eyes and bow your heads. Begin!” We suspect adding this little bit of info to the game may make it more interesting. We could be wrong.

It’s all very experimental and not playtested at all. If you do playtest it, hit us up either on Facebook, @AThingForJaz, or @BlairHippo; we’d love to hear how it went!

Growl! Bear cards!

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